As part of my research into the history of spaces, I worked on the history of the Kuenstlerforum. This hall, which is now housing the forum, used to be a flower market, and has been used historically for many different purposes. This transformation from its former use as a flower market hall to a new housing project affected the dynamic of the local community, significantly.


This installation is aimed at engaging the visitor in a research process by including an audio interview with an architect and historian speaking about the history and construction of the space. They both elaborate on the function of the hall and the working processes in which the community was involved and how its members took part in these processes.


Furthermore, a newspaper microfilm archive of the year 1986 documenting the modifications and changes in usage of the hall was displayed. Emphasis was put on how this process affected the local neighborhood. This was actualized by displaying an empty archival cabinet marked with the names of people and places that refer to the history of the flower market hall. The cabinet’s cubbies were left empty.


The second part of the installation consisted of a video interview with one of the remaining residents of the old neighborhood. By employing the oral history of the place and the people who used to live there, the local community itself became part of the installation.

Newspaper advertisement searching for personal stories of Blumenhalle



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