Solo Exhibitions


 2017- Ace of Spades , SOMA art gallery, Cairo.

2017- no:1 Black Ivory, Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), Cairo.

2016- Typology, Ahmed Shawky museum, Cairo. 

2014 -Black Holocaust Museum, Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), Cairo

2012-Leaving, Awan Gallery, Cairo. 

2012-The President, Gudraan gallery, Alexandria.

2012-If I Were President, Artellewa Gallery.

2012- Passport Agency, Mattress Factory Museum- Pittsburgh, U.S.A

2008-10mm, Artellewa, Cairo.

2007- Africa 6 letters, Goethe Institute, Cairo. 

2007-The Color of the summer, New Cairo Atelier, Cairo.

2004-Nostalgia, Cairo Atelier, Cairo.

2003-Black and Yellow, Michelangelo Gallery, Cairo. 

2001-Why Not, Cairo Atelier,Cairo.


 Selected Group Exhibitions


2016- Strom –Steam, Künstlerforum Bonn

2014- Photophilia ,Townhouse gallery, Cairo.

2013- UAMO Art Festival, Munich.

2013 -Super Market Art Fair, Stockholm

2012- UAMO Art Festival, Darb 1718, Cairo.

2011- No Glory,Form + Content Gallery,U.S.A.

2011-The Popular Show, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo.

2011- Express Yourself, Darb1718,Cairo.

2010- Monoprint, Guest exhibition at Egypt Youth Salon- Palace of art, Cairo.

2010- Monoprint,Mahmud Khalil Museum ,Cairo.

2009- The Creativity of the Other, AinHelwan Culture Palace, Cairo.

2009- Annual Graffiti Festival, Mahmoud Mokhtar Gallery, Cairo

2008- Home, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo.

2008- Annual Graffiti Festival, Mahmoud Mokhtar Gallery, Cairo.

2007- Middle-Eastern Contemporary Art Exhibition, Amir Taz Palace, Cairo

2007- IntaFeen, Swiss Residency Studio, Cairo.

2006- Different Complete, Townhouse Gallery On-Site, Cairo. 

2005- Small Pieces Salon, Portrait Gallery, Cairo.

2003- Ministry of Culture Youth Salon, Cairo Opera House, Cairo.

2002- RatebSeddik Competition, Guest Artist, Cairo Atelier.

2002- Small Pieces Salon, Palace of Arts, Cairo.

2000- Nissan Art Salon, Khartoum.



2016-2017 Artist in resident at Jiwar, Barcelona
2016- Artist resident at Künstlerforum Bonn

2012- Artist resident at Mattress Factory Art Museum- Pittsburgh- U.S.A.

2012-Visiting Artist Carnegie Mellon University- U.S.A.

2011-Visiting Artist Hood University- U.S.A.


Curatorial projects


2015- Detour. Vedionale (Bonn), Nabta Art center (Cairo).

2012-Arab Collaboration Project, Artellewa Space, Cairo.

2012- Kamala art salon “African artists in Cairo”, Nabta Art center, Cairo.


Other Projects


2013-Contributor, Campaigning Cairo: Perspectives on Visuality in Egypt,                     Columbia University Press.

2011-Participant, Sites of Passage Project-U.S.A.

2011-Assistant Director, Disastrous Dialogue (film), Directed by Soren Funder.

2010-Assistant Director, Snack Cart (film), Directed by Mark Sadler.

2009-Modeler, Interview Coordinator, Model Citizens, Townhouse gallery.

2008-2012-2014-2015 Contributor, The World One Minutes Project.









I am an Egyptian-born Sudanese artist. My childhood was composed of two environments: the Cairene street and the Sudanese home. The relationship, and sometimes tension, between the two, strongly influenced my view of both cultures. The need to express this dual perspective led me to make art initially and has informed my work since.

My work discusses the relationship between the included and the excluded, and open dialogue on issues of identity and politics.By working with forgotten historical events and current state policies, 

  I raise questions of power dynamics between the individual and authority on a social and political level.

My recent work is based on research and documentation of ignored historical events, especially colonial history and rereading it from the perspective of the native.

and current state policies,


amado alfadni